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The Sweetheart Season is Here!

Valentine’s Day can often catch us unaware, until last-ditch advertisers send us scrambling to the local pharmacy to pick up whatever is left to prove to our honey that they’re the one.
Why? Only St. Valentine himself might know the answer to that. Google him, his story is quite interesting. But today, we celebrate his history by professing our love and devotion to our mate. It comes in strange forms; cards, flowers and candy. Oh well, I suppose the candymakers have something to do with it too.
Here at Black Rafter SoapWorks, we’ve taken a page from the book. On Valentines Day, or indeed any day, who wouldn’t love a warm back rub? Or a delightful foot massage? While sampling a delicious chocolate and the romantic glow of a luxurious (and non toxic) candle enveloped in an appropriate scent called LOVE SPELL? Who knows what romance that might lead to…………
We’ve poured 100{1d9867b8c83356ce7934075ae3eef584db0c35b82f08f9e8cf7e41b92c801dc8} soy wax candles in a delightful fragrance, packaged it with 2 sweet hand soaps, two massage melts, and a wee box of Russell Stovers finest. Two sizes, two prices, beautifully wrapped for giving or receiving, leave me a message, and I’ll see what I can do!Sweetie



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