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Bugs, Bug Off!

Unfortunately, they’re a part of summer on P.E.I., those nasty insects. It’s hard to cope, the kids are chewed to pieces, Fido doesn’t want to go outside, and putting out the laundry becomes a show down.
Here at Black Rafter, we’re doing our best to help out! The Chemical Free Insect Repellent is selling faster than I can make it. I mixed and bottled almost 100 liters this weekend, and it’s almost gone, and that translates into the 500 or so bottles. In four days……………whoa!
Check out the list of “Where To Buy” on my website, that might help. And check out the stores carrying it. They all have great stock, something for everyone, and it pays to shop local! Insect Repellent

2 thoughts on “Bugs, Bug Off!

  1. Hi Nova!

    Just have a couple of questions about the insect repellent, I was wondering if you would ever consider sending me the complete list of ingredients instead of just “essential oils” my dog breed (Dalmatian) is very prone to skin allergies and I just want to make sure that I won’t be putting him at risk by using the bug repellant… He had been using it very infrequently (Bear River… You understand…) but he’s now got some redness and I’m not sure if it’s from the bugspray or if he has a sunburn or what’s going on! Any insite would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Charlotte! In descending order: sweet almond oil, witch hazel, geranium eo, citronella eo, lavender eo, lemongrass eo, eucalyptus dives eo, rosemary eo, peppermint eo, vitamin E.
      Any one ingredient could potentially react on human or animal skin, after all it is our largest organ and we must be careful.
      Hopefully this will help narrow it down. I certainly apologize if this product has caused a problem, but I also know how smart you are, and you will make he right decision!
      Thanks for reaching out!

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