Black Rafter SoapWorks “STINGING NETTLES SHAMPOO BAR” Artisan Soap

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Every soapmaker should have at least one shampoo bar, and my repeat customers tell me I’m on to something!
The herbal properties of stinging nettles are legendary. Full of B Vitamins, astringent qualities, very nourishing and cleansing on the scalp.
At Black Rafter SoapWorks, late summer signals stinging nettles time. I gather the leaves, dry and store for later use. These wonderful botanicals are infused into a tea for use in my cold process soaps. Tea Tree essential oil is one of the additives, since there is some research to support its’ ability to cleanse the scalp, and in some cultures, to discourage (eewww) head lice. My recipe also includes Argan Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil and Hemp Seed Oil. Talk about good for the hair and scalp! I like to add a generous helping of Peppermint essential oil to round out that fresh, clean scent.
Simply work up a lather, apply it to wet hair, shampoo thoroughly, massaging that scalp. Rinse well. Repeat if you wish, and some folks follow up with one application of their regular shampoo. An added bonus, a shampoo bar is not only a healthy choice, but so portable! No trouble to pack for air travel, camping, bike tours, etc. Give it a try!

All artisan soaps created at Black Rafter SoapWorks are mixed lovingly in small batches, carefully hand cut, cured for at least four weeks, then wrapped. Since we don’t use synthetics in our production, all our soaps contain only high grade essential oils, which give a gentler scent. If you’re looking for a strong lingering scent, you won’t find it here! All our labels are designed and produced locally, and we keep an eye on environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping methods where possible. Please remember that hand made soaps must be kept dry between uses. For that purpose we sell a wooden soapdish made especially for our company by a local workshop that employs adults with challenges.
All our soaps are made primarily from saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, and occasionally castor or borage. All colorants are 100% natural, as are the scents. We use no chemicals in the production. The Goats whose milk we use in our Goat’s Milk soaps are named Lola and Athena, and they keep us supplied with lots of fresh, creamy milk. We try to source organic ingredients as much as possible, all added botanicals are grown in our garden, even the wooden soap molds are made on site, using re-claimed boards!

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2 reviews for Black Rafter SoapWorks “STINGING NETTLES SHAMPOO BAR” Artisan Soap

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    Sara Deveau
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    I love the bug spray/insect repellent as I am out a lot in the woods and trails. And the Nettles Shampoo bar with tea tree is a camper’s dream!! I love that her soaps really lather and omg I love love the smells!

  2. admin

    I am in love with this shampoo bar. The lather is amazing and the tea tree scent is heavenly. Not only that, but after one wash, it brought out my natural waves and streaks of colour. It cut down on my frizz, and added shine with no conditioner! The real test will be a humid day, but safe to say, this one is a keeper!

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