Black Rafter SoapWorks “SHAMPOO BAR WITH WHEAT GERM” Artisan Soap


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Shampoo Bars are becoming so popular that I’ve created two! This one is a simple hard working bar, with the added bonus of Wheat Germ Oil and it is unscented.

Studies show some improvement in combating hair loss, dandruff, wrinkles and dry skin.  Well, it’s worth a try! It makes a great traveler, no mess, and so easy to use.

Simply work up a lather, apply it to wet hair, shampoo thoroughly, massaging that scalp. Rinse well. Repeat if you wish, and some folks follow up with one application of their regular shampoo. An added bonus, a shampoo bar is not only a healthy choice, but so portable! No trouble to pack for air travel, camping, bike tours, etc. Give it a try!

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Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2.5 cm


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