Black Rafter SoapWorks “LEMON POPPY SEED” Artisan Soap


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Look closely………..this isn’t dessert, it’s soap! It was sliced off a loaf alright, but a soap loaf.

Creamy yellow, luscious lather, lots of exfoliating poppy seeds, doesn’t that sound awesome?

All soaps created by Black Rafter SoapWorks contain only pure ingredients. The single chemical used is sodium hydroxide, which is necessary for the saponification process, resulting in soap!
All scents, colors, and botanicals are distilled or mined, all additives carefully listed. We use supplies that are produced responsibly, and where possible, organically, locally, and kosher. The major ingredient in our soap is olive oil, then coconut oil. These create a firm, lathery bar, and makes it easy to be creative in adding scents and exfoliants.



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Weight .125 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2.5 cm


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