Black Rafter SoapWorks “BAY RUM SHAVE BAR” Artisan Soap

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Calling all Gents! Here is an all over bar of artisan soap, made with pure ingredients, including Bentonite Clay and Rhassoul Clay. Bentonite Clay is mined primarily in Wyoming and Montana, and has been used for years for it’s skin care properties. It is volcanic ash that has been proven to help purify the skin, draw out toxins, rejuvenate, and in some instances it is even safe enough to ingest. Rhassoul Clay is a true clay that is mined in Morocco and has been used for over a thousand years in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia as a facial mask.  It is comprised mostly of magnesium, calcium, silica and potassium and when used as a facial makes the skin feels fresher, purer, nourished. Also, these clays have been shown to achieve great success in improving oily skin conditions.

In combination, these clays provide a property called “slip” which is a term potters also use at a certain part of a clay pot production. Makes sense.

It cures to a lovely natural brown, and the addition of castor oil gives a ton of lather and prepares the skin for a comfortable shave. We’ve scented it with  Bay Rum fragrance oil, so luxurious. Why not try it, especially for those with sensitive skin?

All artisan soaps created at Black Rafter SoapWorks are mixed lovingly in small batches, carefully hand cut, cured for at least four weeks, then wrapped. Since we do not use synthetics in our production, our scents are much gentler. We use only high grade essential oils for scents, so if you are looking for a strong, lingering scent, you won’t find it here! All our labels are designed and produced locally, and we keep an eye on environmentally-friendly packaging and shipping methods where possible. Please remember that hand made soaps must be kept dry between uses. For that purpose we sell a wooden soapdish made especially for our company by a local workshop that employs adults with challenges.

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1 review for Black Rafter SoapWorks “BAY RUM SHAVE BAR” Artisan Soap

  1. Patti

    My husband uses nothing else when he shaves!

    • admin

      Thank you so much for all the reviews, good luck in my birthday draw!!

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