Black Rafter SoapWorks “AFRICAN BLACK SOAP” with Pink Grapefruit

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Here’s the latest member of the Black Rafter artisan family….African Black Soap.  What a luxury soap, feels just like cream when you lather up.  This soap base is imported from Ghana, with the addition of Shea Butter, and I like to add a little Pink Grapefruit essential oil for a sweet fresh scent, a real winner!

In Ghana it is made secretly, but one thing is for sure, to know if it truly is African Black Soap, it’s actually brown, not black. It is made from the ashes of cocoa pods, shea tree bark, plaintain and palm tree leaves, with the addition of honey, vitamins A and E, and a high concentration of pure shea butter.

There are numerous properties to this pure soap that tout it’s ability to not only cleanse and moisturize, but improve some situations. Following is a list of some examples :

It naturally contains antioxidants to protect against the free radicals that damage skin.

It improves skin tone and texture (especially for pregnant ladies) and helps reduce spots caused by sun and age.

It softens razor bumps and irritated skin for men who shave every day.

People with skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis note immediate improvement, and with regular use get some relief from these conditions.

It’s a pretty pure product, my customers are loving it, and at this point it’s a safe bet to pick up a couple! dsc08256 dsc08257




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3 reviews for Black Rafter SoapWorks “AFRICAN BLACK SOAP” with Pink Grapefruit

  1. Katie

    I was one of the lucky customers who got to try out this new product back in Novemeber when Nova “released” the first batch.

    I love, love, love this soap! I even cut my first bar in half in hopes of making it last as long as possible!

    I first read about African Black Soap when I was having trouble with acne and breakouts… I read that this soap was a helpful, pure remedy for acne and people who have sensitive skin. However, it is not easy to find.

    Long story short, after seeing Nova’s post that morning I was very excited! I haven’t gone a day without using it on my face and have stopped using all other products. I have noticed a BIG difference! I honestly don’t remember the last time my skin felt so healthy.

    As an added bonus, when I went to pick up my soap, Nova informed me that the properties in African Black Soap, Shea butter and essential oil (the grapefruit scent is the perfect touch) are great for a pregnant woman’s changing skin. That being said, I have basically stopped using all other soap products and use minimal lotions/moisturizers that I previously used daily.

    I hope that Black Rafter SoapWorks will be keeping this product in stock regularly!! I HIGHLY recommend it! ????

  2. admin

    Kim McGrath-Myers ok my review on your bath bombs…..amazing! beautifully moisturizing and smells so good. watermelon soap was taken by my grand daughter Abbi who just loves the other soaps of yours i have bought but she absolutely loved this one and took it home. i unfortunately do not get to enjoy it. the black soap is an amazing cleanser in the shower… I sent my son in law home with one and he loves it. My soap bill is getting higher every month lol…but it is the best ever.

  3. Sara MacLeod

    I loved this soap. It dramatically improved my dry, itchy winter skin. Having very sensitive, ornery skin that will break out at the slightest scent (even in the air!) this stuff worked wonders. A rich lather that left my skin feeling soft, not a bit of tightness and dryness that you seem to always get with store-bought big-name soap bars.
    It had a wonderful scent that was subtle enough to leave you feeling clean with a hint of grapefruit… but not like you had bathed in your favourite perfume. (Perfume abusers: Take note.)
    I will definitely be buying more!

    • admin

      Wow Sara, I may blush! Thanks for the review, and good luck in my draw!

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