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A Customer’s Quote

Last night I received a nice repeat order from one of my customers, and I was blown away by her private post. She gave me permission, and in fact encouraged me to share it, so I will.

“After a cold winter, with only use soap from Black Rafter.. my family has noticed some amazing improvements in our skin! My husband and I always get cracked skin on our hands and to the point where we sometimes would have to coat them in polysporin at night time. My daughter would get flare ups in her eczema and we would need cream for that as well. Now that spring is here, it has dawned on us that none of us faced these issues over the winter! We are sure it’s because of the amazing soap from Black Rafter that has no chemicals or dyes and only natural products that benefit our skin. We don’t use any other soap (or lip balm) in our house!! “
What terrific encouragement and support for a small batch soapmaker. You often wonder if it makes any sense at all, until something like this comes in.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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